Osteopathy during and after pregnancy

Osteopathy during and after pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time of big changes physically, posturally, hormonally and emotionally. It is a time of excitement but can also bring with it pain and discomfort as the baby grows. The release of the hormone relaxin sometimes makes the joints more mobile and therefore more vulnerable to injury.  Osteopathy looks at how the body adapts to the changes of pregnancy and how to help accommodate it as well as possible.

During pregnancy the woman’s posture is continuously changing, which can put strain on different parts of the body.  IMG_9992

When can you start treatments

The priority in my treatments is safety. I recommend waiting until the twelfth week of pregnancy.

Osteopathy after birth

During the time after birth women can be particularly tired and sore. Every birth is different and hence the treatments are always tailored to the individual.IMG_7319

The body undergoes drastic changes from one day being pregnant to the next day not anymore. The centre of gravity and weight bearing have to adapt quickly and  big hormonal changes are taking place at the same time.